How a foreigner can get a job in India

The idiom ‘grass is always greener on the other side of the yard’ is perhaps true. People, who are looking for job opportunities overseas, may end up happy or disillusioned depending on the country they choose. There are many countries that have a non-conservative environment which most western job seekers look for. Thus if they are looking for a job in India, they should understand the cultural and economic scenario here. Apart from that they should know how to obtain an India visa.

Over the last few decades, Indian personnel are getting excellent job opportunities, ambient work environment and understanding bosses. One can’t forget the fat salary packages. The work culture has revolutionized and the explosion of technology has spurted growth. Also advent of multinationals has created a deep impact on the work culture. If you are an alien on Indian land, then you should know that India visa is the mandatory factor for those seeking work here.

Work culture can be a real jolt to an unprepared India visa holder, and it can throw lightening thunder on you. But those India visa holders who know the environment will know that it is better to work only in metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai. Kolkata is a metro but foreigner India visa holders will find it a cacophonous mixture of culture, smog and uncontrolled traffic, which can make even the hearts of average Indian leap three feet off in sky. At the same time smaller towns or rural areas may be extremely tiring due to constant power failures and sub-standard transport facilities.

What is the best way to obtain job in India?

If you have been offered a job transfer to India while you are abroad working for a company, then you don’t have anything to worry, because your counterparts in India will ensure that both you and your family get a smooth entry in the subcontinent. They will arrange for your India visa / India business visa. All you have to do is just be there at the consulate with the corresponding papers and documents.

However, if you are seeking job here and haven’t got a transfer, then you may undergo a lot of duress. Though there is no shortage of suitable jobs in the private sector, it may be hard to find someone who would sponsor you. It would be a better idea to contact reputed contractors who can help you and guide you well about India visa. Alternatively you can come here on an India business visa by arranging an invitation from the company you have applied for, and then try your luck in the consulates when you have landed here.

Getting a job in India is like finding love. You may get lucky!