Guide to reporting a lost or stolen Passport and getting a replacement when abroad

Reporting a Lost/Stolen Passport & Urgent Replacement for UK Citizens

A lost or stolen passport is one of the worst travelling nightmares. In addition to the cost factor which goes into replacing the passport, applying for emergency travel documents (ETD), plus the burden of all of this, any time you lose your passport or if your passport gets stolen, you also end up wasting a lot of time.

Although passports can get stolen or lost even if you are not travelling, if it happens while you are travelling on business or on vacation abroad, dealing with the issue of a lost or stolen passport is just that much more tougher.

For this reason, updating yourself with the latest rules and regulations concerning lost or stolen passports is important. You will want to know about the latest rules or changes in particular, if you are planning on travelling in the near future.

Lost or Stolen Passport

The procedure that was followed up until now was to use an LS01 form to report a stolen or lost passport to the Passport Office. Going forward, if you lose your passport or if it has been stolen, then you can report this either by phone or online.

Reporting a Stolen or Lost Passport Online

By moving the process online, the process of reporting a lost or stolen passport has been simplified. This can be done while on-the-go as well which means, you don’t have to waste any time. You can simply proceed with applying for a replacement passport as soon as it happens. However, this option is available only if you are the holder of a UK passport.

You can complete the filing process online yourself, if the passport belongs to you, or if the passport belongs to a child, then this should be done by the guardian of the child.

Reporting a Stolen or Lost Passport by Phone

If you are uncomfortable reporting a lost or stolen passport online, then you can do it over the phone. All you have to do is call the Passport Advice line at 0300 222 0000. In addition to reducing the paper burden, calling that number saves time and is more efficient.

Passport Lost or Stolen Abroad

If you happen to lose your passport or if it is stolen while you are abroad, then you will need to fill out the LS01 form.

DOWNLOAD/PRINT LS01 FORM (Only if you are Abroad)

There are two ways to do this:

  • Fill out the form online, print it out, and sign it.
  • Print it out, fill it out, and then sign it using black ink. The information should be in capital letters only.

The form should then be sent or taken directly to the nearest British Embassy, High Commission, or the Consulate. If you are unsure about the location of the British Embassy or the Consulate or if you are in need of any kind of help while you are abroad, then visit this page to locate the nearest UK Embassy to your place.

To Replace a Lost or Stolen Passport

Replacing a lost or stolen passport as quickly as possible is important for a variety of reasons. However, if you are planning to travel, then you absolutely need a passport. Depending on your situation (immediate travel plans or no travel plans) you can go ahead with replacing your passport in the following ways;

Replacing a Passport with no Travel Plans

Apply for a replacement passport via paper form if you don’t have any travelling plans in the next few weeks. The application can be easily collected from your local Passport Office. Once you have the form, simply fill it out and submit the form at the same Passport Office.

Apply Online

If you are going to use the standard service, the wait time for a replacement passport is approximately three weeks. The wait period during the holiday season (Christmas or Easter) or during peak vacation season (summer holidays or winter break) is approximately six weeks or more.

Replacing a Passport with Travel Plans

The best option for quick replacement of passports is via the Fast-Track service. This is especially effective if you are planning to travel in the next few weeks.

Things to know about the Fast-Track Service:

  • Guaranteed turnaround time is 7 days.
  • Ensure all information is filled out correctly and accurately.
  • Have two current valid passport photos in addition to necessary supporting documents.

Appointments can be scheduled at the below listed passport offices:

  • Liverpool
  • Peterborough
  • Durham
  • Glasgow
  • London
  • Glasgow
  • Newport
  • Belfast

If you are in need of a passport urgently, then it is best to book appointments as soon as possible to help make this happen.

An urgent appointment can be booked for the 7 day fast-track service here: BOOK APPOINTMENT (7 DAY SERVICE)

Can I use the 1 Day Premium Service?

Unfortunately, at this point, you cannot use this service.

HM Passport Office does make exceptions for using the 1 day premium service in cases of specific urgencies or emergencies. The service is available for the following reasons:

  • In case of a medical emergency.
  • In case there was a death in the family.

These two circumstances allow you to apply for a replacement passport using the 1 day premium service. You will however, need to contact HM Passport Office, explain and clarify your situation first. If your case holds merit, then the HM Passport Office will go ahead with the necessary process.

Keep your Passport Safe

The safe keeping of your passport is your responsibility. If you have gone through the process of replacing your passport, then you are aware of the kind of processes and time period involved in getting a replacement passport. To avoid a repeat of the situation here are a few things to keep your passport safe at home:

  • Keep all passports (everyone in the family) in one place.
  • Store it in a safe or some place that is not obvious for any intruder or someone up to no good.
  • Designate a ‘safe place’ and keep your passport (all important documents) there.
  • When moving, make sure these are items that you don’t forget and basically cannot forget.

Keeping your Passport Safe when Travelling or Abroad

  • It is better to carry photocopies instead of originals.
  • Keep all passports in one safe spot.
  • If the hotel has a safe, use it.
  • If the hotel does not have a safe, find a specific spot and keep your passport there. You should probably just keep it on your person when out and about.
  • Your passport is not heavy but you want to protect it. Make sure the bag or pocket you are carrying it in is safe and always with you (though you should have your passport on your person), especially at airports or crowded areas.

Hopefully this advice and instructions is useful for you with respect to reporting or replacing a lost or stolen passport. Or this advice helps you avoid this scenario entirely.

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