How winning the cricket world cup has increased moral in India

Cricket is a bat and ball game composed of two teams. Each team requires 11 players to play. The place for this type of sport is an oval – shaped field with a rectangular pitch in the center. It is also known as the Gentleman’s Game and it originated in England. Today, a lot of […]

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 India: The Land Of Mesmerizing Architecture

Indian Architecture

India is a land of greatness, which is available in every corner of the country. There is geographic diversity and cultural variety, but the feature that puts India beyond the other tourist spots of the world is the architectural greatness. There are many beautiful buildings and monuments that India can boast of which you can […]

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 Places to see in Mumbai

Mumbai is the land of commerce, finance, trade and entertainment. It is the capital city of Maharashtra. With people of various cultures, caste and creed the city is a home for cosmopolitan lifestyle including India visa holders. Mumbai constitutes of 7 islands – Mahim, Mazgaon, Colaba, Girgaum, Worli, Dongri and Parel. The city contributes 40% […]

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