The most frequent flying airlines to China

China is a super power, be it entertainment, tourism or business. It is one of the most frequently visited countries in the world due to its several attractions. Remember that you will need a Chinese Tourist Visa to explore the beautiful Chinese Cities, and the unending mysteries that it has got to offer. Visit the historically rich Beijing or explore the new face of ultra glamorous architecture in Shanghai. Then there is Hong Kong and Taiwan to spell bound you as well. Good staying option, lip smacking cuisine and easy transport opportunities make it all the more pleasurable. Flying down to China is really easy as there are many efficient airlines working from all corners of the world.

China Visa has to be availed before you can set foot in the country, whatever is your purpose. For tourism purposes, Chinese Tourist Visa will suffice. There excellent air transport facility that connects china to the rest of the world. With so much to see and explore it is understandable that you will want to visit it at the earliest, but remember that China Visa can be sought only when you have a valid passport. Chinese Tourist Visa is required when you travel to China by air.

Several Airlines of International repute conduct regular flights to the different cities of China. Cathay Pacific Flights, Lufthansa flights, Air France flights, Emirates flights etc are there to name a few. If you are coming to China from India, there are the scheduled Air India flights to carry you directly to China.

The Chinese Tourist Visa holder can rely on the Airlines of China are also very good and efficient. Air China is the biggest carrier in the world if you go by market capitalization rates. Main hubs of Air China are Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, and Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the other focuses are in Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Hohhot Baita International Airport and Tianjin Binhai International Airport. Air China operates flights to more than 100 destinations from Beijing. Beijing Capital Airlines, established back in 1995, it is the 4th largest airline.

China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited is also a good option for the Chinese Tourist Visa holders. It has it’s headquarter in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport located in Changning District, Shanghai. China Southern Airlines is the fifth largest in the world, going by the number of passenger carried, and operates flights on domestic, regional and international routes.

A person having a Chinese Tourist Visa can rely on the numerous airlines operating all over the world for coming to China like Sri Lankan Airlines flights, Japan Airlines flights, Malaysia Airlines flights, British Airways flights, Air Asia flights, Continental Airlines flights and many more. So go ahead and get a Chinese Tourist Visa and set to explore the rich tourism experience that awaits you in China.