China Visa from UK

Tips for Traveling to China with a Chinese Visa

Travelling to China is an exciting experience and something that must be prepared for carefully in advance. As a China visa agency, we have an abundance of experience dealing with people travelling to China and making plans. Nothing is more so important then obtaining your China visa before your trip, and in fact is essential to ensure the rest of your trip run smoothly.

As well as preparing your China visa, along with your health insurance, baggage packing and arranging your travel logistics, you need to ensure that you are aware of where in China you travel to.

1) Generally a China visa will allow you to travel to most places within China, but there are places where additional China visa types will be required. These include Tibet and certain parts of the West. But generally a visit to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and the east coast will require a normal China tourist visa which you can apply for.

2) When planning for your trip, although the China visa, whether it is a China tourist visa or China business visa will have a validity of 3 months on a single entry and 6 months on a double entry, your stay will only be permitted for up to 30 days only each time. If you will be staying for longer then 30 days then you will need to apply direct in person for your Chinese visa at the Chinese embassy.

These are general tips that we have collated through our experience, but are absolutely essential before obtaining your China Chinese visa before your trip. If you can add to these tips on what else a traveller should consider along with their Chinese visa issuance and China visa in their passport, then please feel welcome to add to the site.