Top 10 Places to Visit in China

In order to make your trip to China as enjoyable as possible, ensure that you have your China visa in tact and in hand before your trip. Once you have got your Chinese visa, then you should be in a position to start planning your trip to the republic. Based on our experiences, we have compiled a list of the top 10 places to visit in China.

1. The Great Wall of China
Beijing is often one of the first stops for China visa travellers. The wall is 1 hour away from the main city, and tours can frequently be arranged from most hotels and hostels. Often there are the well preserved areas you can visit, but it is a lot more enjoyable to walk the leg on less touristy paths.

2. The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City is one of Beijing’s unique spots, with many walls and also door ways. The city is a maze of beauty and history with every corner. Be sure to allow a full day to truly appreciate the size of the place. Also allow about 4 days on a standard service to get your China visa from the consulate around the world.

3. The Terracotta Warriors
This is truly one of China’s greats – only discovered about 50 years ago, the 5000 army statues will amaze your eyes in the housed complex. Each face of each warrior tells a different story of the personalities that served in this dynasty. Note that if you have a standard tourist visa for China, then you will have no issue travelling between cities.

4. Pingyao
This walled city has a perimeter wall with intricate carvings around it, which shows the history and protection that each city had in ancient times. The city also boasts many different types of temples from Taoist to Confusist temples. Note that a special entry will be require to enter the city and you have to potentially show your China visa for tourism as well.

5. The Bund in Shanghai
As China is emerging as a economic and world superpower, this strength can visually be enjoyed by walking down the bund observing the skyscrapers of this modern city. Note that if you are attending on business, then you will require a China business visa for entry. Shanghai has a multitude of restaurants and shopping districts.

6. The Yangtze River
The river is the worlds 3rd longest, and a river cruise over a few nights will display to you scenery that will dazzle your eyes. Be sure to book in advance, because with this is a popular river cruise in China. Travel documents such as your passport and Chinese visa may have to be presented.

7. The Panda’s of Chengdu
If heading to the west, then be sure to visit the famous Panda sanctuaries of these near extinct creatures. They are the final few in China, and their warmth and playfulness will inspire any animal lover.

8. Suzhou Gardens
Suzhou was once a famous royal city, although now it has taken up the role as a technology and manufacturing centre in Asia. If you are entering on a China visa for business or tourism into Shanghai, then be sure to visit here. The ambient gardens and the relaxation from the hustle and bustle are magnificent.

9. Luyong Buddhist Temples
The Buddhist site of Luyong gives over 100,000 imitations of Buddha, with the largest at more then 100ft tall. The span is a symbol of tranquillity in this city. Note that a darker side of this past is also shown with may of the faces of Buddha being etched out during Chairman Mao’s revolution revolt.

10. Urumuqi and the Silk Road
At the far North West of the country lies the Silk Road, where traders entered and ventured from all parts of Asia. Here you can learn and experience what it must have been like, especially as the manual labour of making silk is still undertaken.

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