Cottage Industries of India

Cottage Industries Of India

The best way to start discussing about the cottage industries of India is to get an idea about the term itself. Cottage Industries are small home based units where products are made with the help of human labor mainly. In India cottage industries are source of livelihood to many, especially in the rural and suburban areas. Carpets, embroidered clothes, bed covers, handicrafts and edibles are the main products of the cottage industries. Indian cottage industries make shopping in India bliss, and an India Visa holder you will be spoilt for choice as there are many varieties to pick goodies from.

The mention of India Visa is relevant since you cannot visit India without an India Visa, and so visiting the cottage industry in India without the India Visa is also out of question. If the only purpose of your tour to India is tourism related then an Indian Tourist Visa should suffice but if you have business to do then get an India Business Visa.

Coming back to the Cottage Industries the first and foremost category that will appeal to you as a tourist having India Visa, is the Indian carpet weaving. Different regions of India have different style in carpet weaving and mostly all make use of pure quality wool or silk in bright colors. The patterns and designs often have symbolic meanings that are supposed to bring goodness to your home. If you are ready to spend a bit more then getting Indian handcrafted jewellery for your near and dear ones may be a good idea too. Another thriving area of Indian cottage industry is the wooden handicrafts. The beautifully carved figures, chess sets, jewellery chests and candle stands have an old world charm that is tough to be ignored. These pieces speak of class and ethnicity and can change the whole look of your home. Marble is another much loved stone that is used by artisans to bring figures to life. Paper Mache is also gaining popularity as an art object in recent years. Lanterns and wall hangings made out of paper pulp are beautiful, light weight and easy to carry.

Getting an India Visa is a lucrative affair since shopping from the cottage industry products will amaze you with the bargain prices. You will be shocked to know that the above mentioned products and many more varieties will suit your pocket even if you are on a tight budget. Other things that you can buy from Indian Cottage Industries include variety of dress materials, with thread works or the gorgeous zardosi work done on them. Batik prints of east, Lucknow’s Chikankari or the colorful tie-and-dye art of Rajasthan make for great saris and dresses too. Getting mirror sequined cloth bags or kolapuri chappals as an Indian Tourist Visa holder will add to your wardrobe in a unique way. Candles and diyas made in the cottage industries sell like hot cakes during the festive months of October and November. Homemade sweetmeats and pickles are also hard to miss.