The Most Beautiful City in Russia – The Top 5 Attractions

There has been much debate over the most beautiful city in Russia, and where a visitor should use their Russia visa to visit first. After much intense debate and research, the conclusion has come to Russia’s second city: Saint Petersburg. With an abundance to visit in the glorious city, it offers a lot more then just beautiful catherdrals, but also brilliant shopping, fantastic nightlife and excellent eating. Your Russia visa that you obtain will allow you to do all of these. We have our list of things to do when in this wonderful city:

Things to do in St. Petersburg (157)

1.    St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Be sure to visit the Isaakievskii Sobor otherwise known as St. Isaac’s Cathedral. This is amazing, where you can also visit the perimeter of the dome, although the walk up to the top can be quite tiring if unprepared. Although the walk, and the process of getting a Russia visa are all put to rest when you are able to view the sites. The catherdral has 100 kilos of pure gold used for the golden domb.

2.    Letnyi Sad also know as Summer Gardens

At these famous summer gardens, there are many beautiful statues on displays, with swans swimming in the lake and a wonderful neighboroughoond surrounding it. The garden was designed by Frenchman Le Bond to give it the luxurious feel. Once again, the Russia visa will allow full entry into this park. After floods, only 80 statues remain, however in the winter time, when covered with ice and snow, the images are any photographers dream.

3.    Peterhof Palace

The Peterhof palace is probably the attraction that takes most pride in the hearts of locals. With fountains, lovely palace grounds, and a complex structure, this can be visited as a quick visit, although weather permitting, and validity on your Russia visa, then you can relax in the gardens. The palace has history going back to the Tsars of Russia, and gives an insight into the past of Russia

4.    Dvortsovaia Ploshchad’ otherwise know as the Palace Square

With an abundance of history including the 1905 accidental killing of demonstrators, and also the storming of the winter palaces having taken place here, the beauty and tranquillity of this palace square has greater depths. This is a must visit place for any person hold a Russia visa for tourism. This surely is one of the worlds most impressive walled expanses.

5.    Edmond J Safra Grand Choral Synagogue

This is the second largest and surely the second most architecturally elegant synagogue in the entire Europe. It has a height of , and was built in the Arabesque-Mauritanian style. The famous hall will hold 1200 people, and despite being shelled during WWII, was left unharmed. Another highlight and emotional place for the Russia visa visitor to this splendid city.

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