5 Tips on Following Russian Customs

The previous Russia visa blog post gave advice on the don’ts when travelling to Russia. This blog post gives tips on the dos. Following these simple tips shall ensure that getting on well with the Russians is as easy as getting your Russia visa using the services of Rapid visas.

1. Take off Your Shoes when visiting the homes of Russian people: It is Russian custom to remove your shoes when visiting peoples homes in Russia. This applies across the country. It is often normal to remove this in the entry way to the houses.  Its is often not normal to put feet on tables and also furniture. Taking your shoes of in the house shall ensure that you impress your Russia visa guests immediately.

2. Take a present, can also be said to be a universal act, although none more so then in Russia itself. Your gift can be something small, which shall ensure the Russian hosts to remember you by., often wooden sculptures or objects to put in the house are normal. It is better to buy the gifts once your Russia visa has been issued. Another great gift is flowers, although ensure that an odd number are taken.

3. Don’t Expect a Home Tour of the Premises; this custom is often the norm in many western households. The Russian visa applicant should not expect to be given a touring tour of the place, as the home of a Russian is a private affair and they prefer to keep it like that.

4. Avoid Conversations that revolve around politics. This can be said for most cultures, although considering the ties between Russia and either the states of the UK, this is best avoided. Also avoid stating any views or especially criticism on the Russian visa leaderships.

5. Stay in touch with your new friends is a key doing tip, because at the core of it, Russians are a very warm hearted culture, and once they see you as a friend, then they truly do mean it. Remember that revisiting your new Russian friends is easy if you decide to obtain your Russian visa via rapid visa.

Hopefully this Russia visa blog post has proved useful, but fore more information on obtaining your Russia visa, India visa or China visa, then please contact us.