How much do you know about Second UK Passport Application?

If you happen to travel extensively, then you may encounter the need to fill out a Second UK Passport application fast.

Take note that your second UK passport application form is not a duplicate of your current one, but a brand new one. It features a different number, photo, and expiry date, and should be treated as a standalone.

Filling out the 2nd passport application form will make it easier for users to secure visas in the future.

Who Qualifies for a Second UK Passport Application?

Two United Kingdom Passports

Adult second passports are usually only granted to those who travel regularly on business and in need of applying for visas frequently. In both cases, you have to motivate the need for a 2nd passport application form UK by submitting the following:

  • Your current British Passport or photocopies of every page, including the picture page to ensure the application letter that accompanies it gets accepted.
  • The second passport application letter to be completed using black ink with writing done in block capital letters.
  • Two photos in full color no older than a month and a standard size of 45mm by 35mm. One photo needs to be countersigned by someone who is known to the applicant.
  • Second passport application letter from your employer to state the reason why it is needed.
  • Authorisation letter that entitles someone else to submit your application document to Her Majesty’s Passport Office. This way they can collect the form on your behalf.

Where to Get Your 2nd Passport Application?

How to get your hands on a 2nd password application form UK?

You have two options for getting your hands on the much coveted application form:

  1. Pick up the form at your local post office if they have one
  2. Go online when you wish to apply and utilise the services of Rapid British Passports UK. All you need to do is click on 2nd passport application to request the form.

What is the Most Secure and Easiest Way to Obtain Your Second UK Passport

Who wants to go to a lot of trouble and follow complicated procedures in the hope of obtaining a 2nd UK Passport? Not many people that I can assure you. But, what if there was a more hassle-free way to obtain one?

The good news is that Rapid British Passports simplifies the Second UK Passport application process by providing a user-friendly template, which you can gain access to once you make use of their 2nd passport application form UK on their web page.

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