How winning the cricket world cup has increased moral in India

Cricket is a bat and ball game composed of two teams. Each team requires 11 players to play. The place for this type of sport is an oval – shaped field with a rectangular pitch in the center. It is also known as the Gentleman’s Game and it originated in England. Today, a lot of people acknowledge this as an international sport and so they held Championship games for this sport known as the Cricket World Cup. The 2011th Cricket World Cup was held in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.

The winner of the 2011th Cricket World Cup was India. Most people that want to watch the games in the country were tourists and avid fans of the sport. So for them to go to India, they need the Indian Visa. For those International players, they would need the Sports Indian Visa. This type of Indian Visa allows them access to sports events held on India as spectators, judges and even sportspeople. Other than these, there are also the Business Indian Visas, Missionaries Indian Visas, Employment Indian Visas, Entry Indian Visas, Tourist Indian Visas, Student Indian Visas and many other types of Indian Visas.

Most people that are aware of global trends and problems would know that India is a country that has strived and is still striving. The country has a large population and majority of the people in the country are living below the poverty line. There are those that live in slums all throughout their lives but they have managed to make a living from doing labor to make a living. So even with simple deeds, one would lift the people’s hearts even for a moment.

Winning the 2011th Cricket World Cup has given the people something to be proud about. The team play of the Indian Team showed their intelligence and patience. It also showed how with hard work you will get what you desire and what you have always dreamt of. To the Indian people, it was a symbol of their hard work and they rejoiced at the moment their team won the tournament. Just like other countries, the people would be proud of themselves if their athletes won tournaments to represent their country. Like how the Philippines is proud that Manny Pacquiao has won 8 titles in different weight divisions throughout the world; Or how The United States of America is proud that team USA won the 2011 FIBA World Champions.

The country had a thirst for another championship after obtaining the title during the 1983 Cricket World Cup. It was also like how the people would thirst for a better life and continue to work harder to achieve their goals. It gave the Indian Team and the people of India new found spirit and it showed them that they can achieve their goals through hard work and good judgment.

To know more about India, it would be a good idea to see the country. All you need is an India Visa and you can travel around India.