Aside from traditional travel visa applications to worldwide destinations, we also provide our customers the added service of assistance with British Passport applications. These include:

  Services Pages Available
Application Type Next Day 3 Day 1 Week 32 / 48 Pages
Second Passport Application RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas
British Passport Renewal RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas
Lost/Stolen Passport RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas
First Adult Passport RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas RapidVisas
Child (Under 16 passport) RapidVisas RapidVisas

For all the services as above, UK second passports, renewal or the replacement of a lost or stolen British passports, we offer a fast track next day service subject to availabilty, or the normal 3 day or 1 week services.

By following our guidelines and completing our application pack details, and forms, you can expect a smooth processing application with a successful outcome for your British passport application.

Why use us for your British Passport Application?

  • Included pre check - before sending us your application, we request all customers to scan in their forms, supporting letters, photos and other miscellaneous items used to get their 2nd UK passport. This allows us to ensure a positive outcome and that valuable time is not lost spent resending documentation.
  • Our passport application pack contains the most upto date forms, relevant information on countersigning the photos and how to complete the employer support letter that is required by the passport office.
  • A major benefit is that as a registered agency, we are allocated daily appointments for submissions and ensure no delays. This assists you as it means you can send it to us, knowing that no delay will occur for your British passport application, and secondly you do no thave to try and get an appointment at a passport office that is far away from your residence or work place.

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