Family Dependant Visa Application

UK Family visas or dependent visas are available to non-EEA nationals who are the family members of UK citizens or people having a permanent residence status, who wish to live in the United Kingdom for over 6 months. People who can apply for the family visas include a spouse or partner, a fiance, fiancee or proposed civil partner or children or parents or a relative who requires long-term care, of a person residing in the U.K. on a settled status or has British citizenship.

The applications for a family-visa have to be accompanied by supporting documents proving the applicant’s relationship with the sponsor. If a person is already living in the United Kingdom on a different visa, he can switch to a family-visa. Nationals of EEA countries can submit an application for a EEA (European Economic Area) family permit.

A Family visit visa for the UK is suitable for those applicants who wish to visit another family member living or studying in the U.K. These visas are usually for up to 6 months and require the applicant to submit an invitation letter for a UK visa for the family or a sponsorship letter for a UK visa for the family.

A family reunion visa option is available to the partner or children of a UK based refugee to join him in the country. However, the UK-based refugee must have been a part of the family before he was forced to leave that nation. This option is, however, not available if the UK authorities are yet to take a decision on the asylum claim or if the refugee is below 18.

Types of Family Visas

Different types of family-visas for the UK are available depending on the applicant’s relationship with the settled sponsor in the U.K.

Spouse Visa

This category of visa is available to the partners and spouses of people already living in the U.K as a citizen or have a settled status. The visa is used for an initial period of 30 months and can be extended for another 30 months taking the total duration of stay in the U.K. to 5 years. After this the person living in the U.K. on a spouse or a partner visa can apply for indefinite leave to return. Applicants of this visa have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • They need to be above 18 years of age, as well as the partner in the U.K. needs to be above 18 years of age.
  • They need to have a genuine relationship with the partner already in the U.K.
  • They have an intention to live in the country for a minimum period of 2 and a half years.

Applicants of this visa who are not yet married are issued a visa for six months during which time they have to marry their fiancee.

Applicants of this visa can include dependent children in their visa applications. The applicants of a family of a settled person visa are also required to fulfil a minimum funds requirement of £18,600 if applying alone. This limit increases by £3800 for a dependent child and an additional £2,400 for each additional child. The applicants are also required to provide proof of their knowledge of English language with people above 65 years of age and those having some mental and physical conditions exempt from this requirement.

Child Dependent Visa

Children of people residing in the U.K. on permanent status or having British citizenship can submit an application for a UK Family visa individually or along with their other parent. UK Immigration rules require the child to be below 18 to be included in the application for a family-visa. The child must not have formed an independent family unit in order to qualify for this category of family visas. The parent who is already in the U.K. has to be financially sound to be able to take care of his dependents applying for a family-visa.

Children who are in the U.K. on a Child Dependent visa can apply for British naturalisation after having lived in the country for five continuous years.

Adult Dependent Visa

This category of visa is available for dependents who require long-term care that will be provided by their relative living in the U.K. on a settled status or as a British citizen. This category of family visa allows the holder to stay within the United Kingdom while the UK relative is a British-citizen or has settled-status. This category of visa is also available to applicants whose relative in the U.K. is on humanitarian protection or has a refugee-status in the country. A lot of documentation and proof is required to qualify for this type of visa to the UK.

UK Ancestry Visa

This visa route is available for applicants whose grandparents were born in the U.K. and allows a five year stay. Holders of this visa can live, study and work in the country and after five years submit an application for a settled status.

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