Minister of Religion Visa

People looking to move to the United Kingdom and work as a full time religious worker can apply for the T2 Minister of Religion offered by the UK Immigration Office. This visa for religious workers allows a person to come and live in the UK as a missionary or religious worker for a maximum period of three years and one month.

Applicants for the religion visa are required to have a certificate of sponsorship for their job, have adequate knowledge of English language and adequate personal savings to support their UK stay. The visa requirements also call for the applicant to provide their travel history in the past five years. can guide you about the process and the requirements for applying for T2 visas including the Minister of Religion visa. Please call or email us with your details and queries about T2 visa guidance. We can also guide and update you about the United Kingdom’s new immigration rules post Brexit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible to Apply for a Minister of Religion Visa?

As per the UK immigration rules, a person having a confirmed job offer as a minister of religion or a missionary or a religious worker in the UK is eligible to apply for this category of T2 visa. The job offer must have been made by a registered T2 UK sponsor license holder. Other requirements include adequate knowledge of English and enough funds to fund one’s stay in the UK.

Is a Certificate of Sponsorship Necessary?

Yes, the Certificate of Sponsorship is an essential requirement for all T2 visas. The certificate is issued by your employer in the UK having a T2 UK sponsor license to employ foreign workers. The certificate will mention your personal details besides information about the job offered to you. The certificate also mentions a reference number that has to be quoted in your visa application. This number can be used only once in three months after its issuance.

I Have Been Training for the Ministry? Can I Come to the UK?

A person who has completed one year of full time training with a ministry can come to the United Kingdom and work as a Minister of Religion. They will need to provide proof of having completed the training when applying for a Minister of Religion visa.

Is it Possible to Seek an Extension of My Minister of Religion Visa?

Yes, the UK immigration laws do allow extension of a Minister of Religion visa for an additional three years. The visa holder will, however, need to show that their services are still required and that they continue to meet all the requirements for the visa. You can also include an extension application in your visa, and any dependents who are on your current visa. This includes children who turned 18 during your UK stay.

Does the Minister of Religion Visa Allow Me to Take Up a Second Job in the UK?

As per the UK Immigration rules, holders of a T2 Minister of Religion visa can take a second job, but only if it is in the same profession, or in the shortage occupation list. Holders of this visa can also do any kind of unpaid voluntary work.

How Can Rapid Visas Help Me?

The immigration experts at are well versed with the UK immigration laws and guide you through the whole process of applying for a Minister of Religion visa. They can also help you in submitting the application, ensuring that all the supporting documents are in place, preparing a letter of representation detailing your case and coordinating with the UK Home Office.

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