Spouse Visa UK Requirements

The Spouse visa for the UK is a family visa that allows the applicant to enter and live in the UK with his or her partner. This category of visas requires fulfilment of certain conditions such as proving that the applicant’s relationship is genuine and committed. Spouse visa requirements also include adequate income, knowledge of English and availability of accommodation.

Spouse settlement visa applicants also have to provide proof of their UK sponsor earning a more than £18,600 annually. Provisions related to adequate housing must also be fulfilled before an applicant can apply to join his or her spouse or partner in the United Kingdom. Applicants can either apply for a Spouse visa or as a fiance or unmarried partner of a UK citizen or a person having a settled status in the United Kingdom.

A fiance visa is issued for a period of six months during which the two partners are required to get married. A UK Spouse visa or an unmarried partner visa is issued for a period of 30 months and can be extended for another 30 months. Following the completion of the extension period, the spouse visa holder becomes eligible to apply for an ILR or Indefinite Leave to Remain status and at a later stage for British citizenship.

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Eligibility for Applying for a Spouse Visa

Following are the eligibility requirements for applying for a Spouse or Partner visa:

  • The applicant as well as the partner or the spouse in the UK are 18 years and above.
  • The applicant intends to live together with their spouse or partner in the UK permanently.
  • The partner or the spouse must be a citizen of the United Kingdom or have a settled status or proof that he/she has permanent residence in the country. The partner or spouse having an ILR status or refugee status is also permitted. Moreover, those that have been granted protection on humanitarian grounds in the United Kingdom are also considered eligible.

The applicant will be required to prove that:

  • They are in a civil partnership or marriage that is considered valid in the UK.
  • They have been living together for a minimum period of 2 years at the time of application.
  • They are the fiancé or fiancée or a proposed civil partner and have the intent to marry or enter into a civil partnership in the United Kingdom within 6 months of arriving in the country.
  • They have an adequate knowledge of English
  • They have adequate funds to support their own expenses as well as take care of dependents without seeking any kind of help.
  • The partner in the UK has a suitable accommodation to house them.

Requirement of Proving Applicant’s Relationship with the Partner in the UK

A person applying for a spouse visa has to ensure that their relationship is recognised by the UK authorities. Applications made on false relationships for visa benefits are automatically rejected. The applicants are required to submit the marriage certificate issued by the government of the country in which they got married. Civil partnership refers to a relationship between two people of the same sex and provides the same rights as that of a marriage.

People applying as a fiance or fiancee or a proposed civil partner are required to submit proof that their previous marriage or civil partnership has ended should this be applicable. The applicant also needs to provide proof of their intent to marry their partner within a period of 6 months of their arrival in the United Kingdom.

The main criteria for the UK authorities to ensure that a relationship is genuine is that the applicant must have physically met their partner minimum one time during their relationship. People who are not married but living in a committed relationship for a minimum two years can apply for an Unmarried Partner visa. A relationship can be proved by providing chat and call logs, joint bank account statements and photographs.

Spouse Visa UK Financial Requirements

Applicants of a UK Spouse visa are required to provide proof that the combined income of both the partners earned in a year is at least £18,600. This income can be either from salary or income from self-employment or money earned from stocks, pension and in some cases income from rent or dividends. The financial requirements for a spouse visa in the UK can also be met by using savings in excess of £16,000.

Proof is required that the applicant has additional funds to take care of their children. For the first child, the applicant needs to have at least £3,800 in addition to the minimum required funds. The applicant must have an additional £2,400 for each child born after the first one.

Applicants are required to provide proof or their income by submitting bank statements, salary slips or a letter from the employer. This will help them meet the spouse visa financial requirements of the UK Home Office.

Requirement of the English Language for a UK Spouse/Partner Visa

When you apply for a spouse visa you are required to prove that they are able to speak and know English of a specific level (A1 or higher). Applicants holding a degree from a recognised institute in English language do not have to take any test. Similarly, people from a country whose first spoken language is English are not required to prove their knowledge of English.

Accommodation Requirements for a Spouse or Partner Visa

A person applying for a spouse visa is required to show proof that the Partner in the UK has adequate accommodation. It can be either own or mortgaged property or a rented house or temporary accommodation. UK law considers one room house as sufficient for a couple. An additional room is required for each child aged above one.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Wish to Apply for a Spouse/Partner Visa. What Documents Are Required?

The spouse visa applications have to accompanied by:

  • Your passport, which needs to have at least one blank page
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of relationship whether marriage or civil partnership
  • Proof of adequate knowledge of English language or meeting the spouse visa English test requirements
  • Proof of right to live in the country from where the application is being made
  • Results of a tuberculosis test, if required

How to Submit a Spouse Visa Application?

UK Spouse visa applications can be made online if the applicant is applying from outside the country and both online or by post if the applicant is within the country. Applying for a spouse visa for the UK from inside the country requires filling a form different from the one for applying from outside the country.

How Much Time Does the UK Home Office Take to Process Spouse Visa Applications?

The processing time for a spouse visa in the UK depends on the service chosen and the amount of checks required to process it. The time differs for applications made from within the United Kingdom and the ones made from outside the country. The Home Office also offers a fast track Spouse visa for the UK processing service.

Applications received from outside the United Kingdom generally take 12 weeks to process. An application for a spouse visa for the UK from Pakistan or a spouse visa for the UK from India will be processed in 12 weeks.

Applications received from within the country are processed in 8 weeks if the applicant chooses the standard service. Premium services allow for quick processing of the visa applications and the Home Office takes a decision by the end of the next working day after the applicant has provided his biometric information on a weekday and two working days if the biometric information was provided over the weekend.

What is the Fee for a Spouse Visa or a Partner Visa?

The fee for submitting an application for a spouse visa or a partner visa for applicants applying from outside the UK is £1,523 per person including dependents and £1,033 for applicants applying from within the country. An additional amount is required to be paid as the NHS surcharge for a spouse visa and the biometric information (only if you are applying for an extension of the visa). Those applying from within the country also have the option of a super priority service, which costs an additional amount of £800.

What is the Duration of a Fiance Visa?

The UK Home Office issues a fiance visa for a period of six months during which time the applicant is expected to get married to their partner in the United Kingdom. This needs to be followed by an application to switch to a spouse visa.

Does a Spouse Visa Entitle Me to Work in the UK?

Yes, people living in the United Kingdom on a spouse visa can work. However, people with a fiance visa cannot work during their 6 month stay in the country. They can only work after switching to a spouse visa.

Can I Get My Spouse Visa Extended?

Yes, you can apply for a spouse visa extension, 28 days before the expiry of the current visa. A spouse visa extension after 2 and a half years is possible on fulfilment of certain conditions. Applicants have to provide proof that you along with your partner have been living together on a continuous basis during your stay in the United Kingdom. UK Spouse visa extension applications can also be made online. The spouse visa extension financial requirement proof is also required to be submitted along with the application.

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Since the applications for a spouse visa or a partner visa require the applicant to provide proof that their relationship is genuine, it is advisable to ensure that all your documents are adequate. The expert team at Rapid-visas.co.uk can guide you about the whole process including your eligibility, the documents required, the conditions involved and any other matter related to your application for a spouse or a partner visa.

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