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We process the visa applications for companies and individuals to any country in the world, providing expert advice, inclusive prechecking and amazing consultancy. We also provide next day passport renewals and second passport applications. We process over 20,000 annual applications with guaranteed issurance.

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What are the benefits of using rapid visas ?

For the modern traveller, obtaining your India visa, China visa or Russia visa for your trip can prove to be a inconvenience if you are short on time before you leave; are not located near an embassy or you are not familiar with the complexities of the visa application forms.

Rapid visas is a London based visa agency that specialises in obtaining India visas for both tourism and business; China visas for both tourism and business and Russian visas for tourism and business purposes. A variety of services and benefits are offered in obtaining clients their respective Indian visa, China visa or Russia visa; some of these services include:

Form pre-checking: We ensure that all forms are pre-checked before being submitted to the respective visa office, to avoid any issues in the application. If there are any issues then we contact all clients immediately in order to make the appropriate modifications.

Rapid and Reliable: Along with our guaranteed standard services, we also offer express services for our India visa, China visa and Russia visa services. We ensure this by submitting the application into the respective visa centre on the same day. Our infrastructure and closeness to the relevant visa processing centres ensure that there is no delay with your application.

Professional and Accurate Advice: With experienced visa consultants on hand, we ensure that the latest requirements, accurate information and advice is given to all applicants anybody applying for either a India visa, a China visa or Russia visa.

Competitive Pricing: Our robust infrastructure and closeness to all the embassies in London enable us to be the most competitively priced agency and allow us to pass the benefits onto our clients. Our close links with the India visa office, Russian visa office and tourism bureau and the China visa application centre ensure we offer the best service for the most cost effective price. We offer the following services:

What are the processing times for different visa applications?

India visa applications can expect the following processing:

Standard Service: 8 Days Processing | Express Services: 3 Days and 5 Days
China visa applications can expect the following processing times:
Standard Service: 7 Days | Express Service: 4 Days
Russia visa applicants can expect the following application times:
Standard service: 8 Days | Express Service: 3 Days

Please note that the days exclude weekends and days the processing centres are closed. The duration starts from the day we receive the application. If applying for an express visa, then please call our offices to ensure availability.

When completing your respective applications for a visa, then please remember the following tips for each application:

Visa application tips?

India visa Application Tips

Please ensure that you complete the form electronically using our online instruction form. We have created this to be as simple as possible. If you are using the services of rapid visas, and require further assistance in obtaining your India visa and completing the online form, then please contact us directly for advice.

China Visa Application Tips

Please ensure that the respective forms are completed as accurately as possible. Note that this form can be completed by hand or electronically on our PDF form.

Russia Visa Application Tips

Application forms are required to be completed electronically. In order to complete this application form as accurately as possibly, please use our online instructions form on our Russia tourist visa or Russia business visa page.

For further information on completing your visa application form and the necessary requirements and turnaround times, please contact us by any of the following methods :-

General information about our services?

The Indian and Chinese visa offices work closely with agents. Both visa offices work to ensure documents for the Chinese and Indian embassies in London are accurate and properly prepared. To expedite obtaining your Indian documents you must check all forms carefully; to speed up the process you can use an Indian travel agency. The same can be applied if applying for your Chinese visa, in which you can use a Chinese travel agency based in the UK. Remember an Indian and Chinese visa agency will rapidly speed the process and ensure you have your documents back with you in time.

Your India visa is a necessary document. As you prepare to travel to India, you must ensure that your visa is completed accurately. The same applies if you are travelling to China. Using an agency that is well versed in the application processing for India and China is invaluable. Whether visiting India for tourism of business, you must be careful that all formalities and documentation are met. As we work with the India high commission, we guarantee that we keep your India visa application process smooth. We apply the same process if you are visiting China. Over the years China has opened its door to the worlds and China tourism and business has expanded. As you apply for a China visa, having the right documentation is essential to ensure a smooth passage into China. To simply your process, for either an India or China visa we can take care of every stage.

For travellers wishing to obtain an India visa with the upmost reliability and speed, then rapid visas has estbalished itself as the leader in providing India visa services and can assist you in this area. We work closely with various embassies in London in order to obtain our clients a tourist or business visa. By using our services to obtain your travel documentation, then you will be joining many tourists and businesses from around the country in getting their visas through this trustworthy method. If you are apart of a business then we offer corporate accounts, which can be set by speaking with one of our consultants.


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