Indian Architecture

India: The Land Of Mesmerizing Architecture

India is a land of greatness, which is available in every corner of the country. There is geographic diversity and cultural variety, but the feature that puts India beyond the other tourist spots of the world is the architectural greatness. There are many beautiful buildings and monuments that India can boast of which you can see for yourself only if you get an India Visa in your name. Visiting India without an India Visa or to be more precise an India Tourist Visa as a tourist is not possible. Indian Architecture has its roots in its culture, history and religion. The style of Indian architecture evolved with time and comes across as an assimilation of the influences that the different ruling dynasties have left over it.

There are many genres of architecture that left India with impressive relics in form of buildings monuments that are found now in the World Heritage Site lists. If you have always loved history and old world charm then there is no better place than India where you can go. Just make sure that you get an Indian Visa beforehand to avoid legal hassles. India is very tight when it comes to Visa requirements. If visiting the architectural wonders of India is your only purpose then mention that while filling up the India Visa form, thereafter you will be given an India Tourist Visa.

The Buddhist monuments of Sanchi are sacred and attract a lot of tourists with India Visa all over the year. These temples were all constructed by the Maurian kings. The use of timber bricks and wonderful rock cut art is very prominent and sure to floor you in the very first sight. The Buddhist architecture is believed to be a fine blend of the Hellenistic and Romanian styles of architecture. Once you get the Indian Tourist Visa you can also go to South India as there are many temples that are superbly made. The presiding styles of architecture of these temples are of the Vijayanagara style of building. The Mughal influence on India’s architectural gems is also profound. The splendid Red Fort of Agra and the walled city, Fatehpur Sikhri are big tourist attractions that you can visit being an Indian Tourist Visa holder. Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World is also in India. The white marbled structure is a token of affection dedicated by the Mughal king Shah Jahan to his deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal.

The other places of architectural richness that you must see after getting a India Tourist visa includes the rock temples of Ajanta, the sensually appealing Khajurao.Cave temples of Elephanta etc.Each of these places have a rich legacy to explore and the sheer mastery of sculpting and building will leave you asking for more. The colonial effect on India’s architecture can be best seen if you visit the numerous churches and convents dotting the picturesque old Goa. With so much to see and experience you must not delay in getting your India Visa.