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India has jumped 12 spots in WEF’s global travel & tourism ranking across globe

India has a great potential in terms of resources, in terms of geography and nature and therefore experienced a steady growth in terms of tourism and business. The scenario is booming and you can check out yourself by getting an India Visa. India Visa is the only way to go ahead and make a trip to India. There are many types of India Visa and you can choose the one that suits your preference and purpose the most. For instance if you are visiting India with a purpose of business then go for the India Business Visa which is specially suited to travelling businessmen. If tourism is the only reason for your visit to India, then you must have an India Tourist Visa.

India’s tourism industry is vibrant and substantial and growing every day. The country’s position as a major global tourist hotspot is strengthening and the demand for India Tourist Visa has been growing momentously. Tourism is one of the most popular and at the same time profitable venture in India these days. The reasons behind this are many. To begin with India boasts of a stunning variety of tourist spots ranging from architectural wonders to mountains and forests that are unparallel in beauty. Indian culture is a huge draw to, along with Indian cuisine and art. To top it all infrastructural facilities, availability of posh hotels and spas are also increasing to make India travel more comfortable for the India Visa holders. To sum up the immense swell in tourism prospects in India is only but expected.

India’s tourism industry is today the biggest service industry and donates handsomely to the country’s gross GDP. The tourism department has pulled up its socks and came up with popular campaigns like ‘Incredible India’. What is the best part is the fact that India is evolving as a tourist spot with many facets. As a India Tourist Visa holder you can opt from learning photography in Ladakh, go Para gliding in Kashmir or learn animal tending and eco-balancing in the wild-life parks. Activity tourism is quickly making its foothold strong along with medical tours growing in prominence.

Business in India has also seen better days since the famous liberalization policy saw the light in 1991.India now has an open economy and globalization has done wonders to its domestic industries as well. Last decade saw meaningful takeovers of major foreign big-wigs by India’s corporate giant and this is a good trend as per the trade gurus. Investors abroad are also looking forward to India for new ventures and profitability with the ready promise of better infrastructure and a flow of steady skilled labors. Outsourcing to India is a fad these days and proves cheap but effective for most business. India Business Visa is something that will prove to be just the right thing for you if you are planning to tap the India advantage. So whether it be business or pleasure, apply for the right kind of India Visa today and enjoy.