Indian love stories

The Great Indian Love Stories: Passionate And Touchy

India is famous for its love stories that have retained their fabulous appeal till date through the test of time. India is indeed the lovers land, and you can visit it only with an India Visa. India has no facility of Visa on arrival so what you need to do to visit India is to arrange for a India Visa prior to your planning a India Tour. The Indian love stories that has fan all over the world includes tales of passion and emotion not only between kings and queens, gods and goddesses but also that of common man. You can understand the real feel of Indian love stories only by having an India Visa and visiting India. This is because the spirit of this love stories are embedded in the soil of India, and it cannot be separated ever. Not only do these stories help you understand India better, but India and Indian soil will also help you to understand this stories and human emotions in return. So get ready to get your India Visa or India Tourist Visa today.

The most famous story that India holds close to its heart is that of Laila and Majnu. The story is often said to be derived from a medieval Iranian poet’s writing. In this stories two young people who were friends from childhood loved each other immensely were separated due to the wrath of their family. But they remained faithful to each other. The boy, Majnu banished his own self to a desert where he seeked solace in the company of animals. When they died, they were buried in side-by-side graves to pay homage to a love which could not culminate.

Another blue blooded Indian saga which never ceases to move romantic hearts is the tale of Salim and Anarkali. Right from the mundane chapters of history this is one of the greatest Indian love stories. Salim was son to the great Mughal emperor Akbar. But his royal belonging proved to be a curse when he fell in love with a pretty courtesan called Anarkali. The emperor did a lot to put a stop to their affair but the prince was much too involved in his affection to be moved. He declared a war on his unrelenting father but was ruthlessly defeated and sentenced to death. Here came in his lady love Anarkali who stood between this plan. She took the blame on herself and agreed to die to free the prince. Legend goes that she was killed by being buried alive. You can visit the historical places related with this story but only by getting an India Visa.

Another epitome of love which no one with an India Visa should ever miss is Taj Mahal, an evidence of one of the great Indian love story, i-e, the story of Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal. With an India Visa you can also visit Brindaban where the love story of Radha and Krishna (mythological characters) is still afresh.