The Different Dishes of Shanghai and Suzhou

This vacations you decide to give your family the best gift. What could it be other than a tour package to China? Get the Chinese visa, pack your things and get set go. The country houses a colorful culture that includes different lifestyle, fashion and food habits. Shanghai, one of the modern metropolises of China holds a blend of eastern and western culture. Other than the tall sky scrapers and dazzling beauty, the cities of China boasts of their mouth watering cuisine. All it takes to taste the cuisine in cities like Shanghai and Suzhou is just a China tourist visa and few bucks in hand.

Cuisines of Shanghai

Just a single Chinese visa can open the gates of unimaginable cuisines and tastes of China. The cuisine of Shanghai is a blend of traditional recipes and the modern garnishes. The style of cooking and the taste is so unique that people born in Shanghai are considered to be lucky as they get delicious food to eat. Benbang and Haipai are the two cuisines existing at Shanghai and Suzhou. You would be grateful to your China tourist visa for having introduced you to such tasty dishes.

  • Benbang – Benbang is a traditional home style cooking. The dishes cooked in this style use chicken, fresh fish, pork and vegetables for the main course. Oil and soya bean sauce is used for frying and sautéing the dishes. They make the dishes bright and attractive. Wuxi and Suzhou are the traditional Shanghai dishes which taste sweet and smooth. Make sure you make the best use of your Chinese visa by savoring every delicacy cooked in Benbang style.
  • Haipai Cuisine – In contrast to Benbang Cuisine, Haipai is a blend and mixture of western and traditional Chinese dishes. The cooking of Haipai cuisine uses the techniques used by the Qing Dynasty.

Few of the topmost dishes of Shanghai and Suzhou are:

Xia Zi Da Wu Shen: This is a sea food which is prepared using fresh shrimps, dried cucumber cooked in a mixture of broth and sauce. China tourist visa holders will not only find it nutritious and wholesome, but is also known to have cancer controlling factors.

Ba bao La Jiang: This dish is spicy and is cooked in Benbang style. Fried chicken and shrimp is seasoned with chili sauce and bean sauce, which Chinese visa holders will relish.

You Bao He Xia: This is a sweet dish in which Live Prawns are fried and then mixed with sauces to create a pasty sweet dish.

Other than the above dishes locals and the China tourist visa holders can enjoy a wide range of street food and snacks such as smoked fish, steamed crab, boiled chicken, braised eel and herring and of course noodles. Hold on to your Chinese visa and enter any hotpot restaurant or a small road side eatery. You can have a filling lunch or dinner for just a few bucks.

If you are a China tourist visa holder from any of the western countries you might find it bit difficult to adjust with the taste of Chinese food.