South India Travel

10 Ideas To Organize Your Own South India Travel.

Kerala always has been a favored destination for travelers now from about six hundred years. Visitors have been enchanted, enlivened and invigorated by its breathtaking beauty. Here is a list of ten ‘must do’ activities, for India visa holders, to get beneath the skin of the unbelievable state.

Sail across the backwaters

No one can claim to have visited Kerala unless they have been on a lazy boat-ride across its idyllic backwaters. It is an indispensable item on the itinerary of an India visa traveler. The banks are covered with rows of emerald green coconut trees. The backwaters are interspersed with turquoise lakes. These lagoons will make any India visa or India business visa holder forget any stress. For an ethereal experience, hire a houseboat or Kettuvalloms and spend the night amidst the tranquil backwaters under a moonlit sky.

Chill out in Munnar

Draped with lush green tea gardens, the mountains of Munnar are a delight for the India business visa holder. Munnar is Kerala’s very own answer to the famous hill stations in North India. The pristine air, the balmy and the laid-back environment are a perfect backdrop for a steaming hot cup of tea coming straight from the tea gardens. The breathtaking views will lift anybody’s spirits.

Shoot the fishing nets of Kochi

The Chinese cantilever fishing nets, that date back to 1400s, are a photographer’s delight. Found along the harbor at Kochi, these fishing nets are made of teakwood. At dusk, the unusual silhouettes formed by these fishing nets, against the backdrop of the sea, provide a surreal view for the camera.

Get tanned in Varkala

The dazzling and uncorrupted beaches of Varkala are a backpacker’s joy. If the India visa or the India business visa traveler want to escape other tourist places like Goa, Varkala is the place to be. It is situated on a cliff overlooking the azure waters of Arabian Sea.

Embrace Ayurveda

The centuries old Indian traditional medicinal system, Ayurveda has been perfected to provide holistic healing to the body, mind and the individual soul. The traditional Ayurvedic spas are spread across Kerala. Rejuvenate your senses with a stimulating Panchkarma session. Let a revitalizing herbal massage release all the tension stored in your body. The India business visa traveler should indulge at one of these spas and take a break from the busy life.

Enjoy a Kathakali show

Kathakali is a classical dance tradition being performed in Kerala since 17th century. Elaborate costumes, colorful make-up with painted faces and graceful movements mark a Kathakali performance. Dancers usually essay stories from the Indian epics accompanied with some trance-inducing classical Indian music. A must watch for the art loving India Visa traveler.

Spice up your life!

Allspice, aniseed, cumin, clove, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, mustard, mace,
nutmeg, poppy, saffron, tamarind, turmeric…well that is some spicy vocabulary! Be prepared for an ambush of your olfactory cells at Mattancherry, the spice market of Kochi.