Mobile Technology

How India is Utilising Mobile Technology Rapidly

Mobile Communication has swept the world off its feet, so is India since it is a tool for economic growth and more social connections. There is just an 18 percent mobile penetration or teledensity in the people of India but as mobile technology grew though the years, the annual growth of mobile cellular services is nearing a hundred percent. Urban India has its good market however, Rural India, which contains 70 percent of India’s population, still hasn’t achieved a reasonable growth for this technology. So the market is being emphasized on rural India nowadays. Also, the mobile technology market is more for exports and domestic consumption unlike other countries where prices are toned down to increase sales.

India is the second fastest growing market for ICT services. GSM (Global System for Mobile Commusnications) and CDMA networks are also making their way to the rural areas. India is also now the 4th largest market for mobile phones and it make take the place of the United States and Russia anytime. There are 10 million subscribers in 2002 and it rose up to 150 million in February 2001. GSM based markets are 108 million while CDMA 2000-1x technology based was about 42 million. The growth rate four years ago is 6 million mobile phones each month and now 400 million mobile phones are produced each year. In the near future, it may be compared to China which is known to be the top market. However, analysts say that it might not be possible for India to take its place since the technology started earlier in China than India. But who knows, the sleeping elephant might soon “dance” as they say.

Unlike China, which expanded its markets through the government, India had its rapid growth through private sector companies and the market alone. Now, India is making reforms so as to maintain the increase in mobile technology utilization such as unified licensing, decreasing access deficit charge, increased sharing of infrastructure and coverage of more areas by the operators, low costs handsets and lowest tariff in the world. US $ 69 billion was allotted for infrastructure to facilitate 3G services.

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