5 Tips When Applying for your India Business Visa

Doing business in India is becoming commonplace in a lot of European businesses, and therefore the demand for obtaining an India visa for business has increased rapidly.  It is essential that you have as much information and knowledge on obtaining the India visa for business purposes. I have tried
to assimilate the main points of consideration for obtaining an India Business Visa from the Indian high commission.

1) Ensure that you have a full letter of invitation from the company in India requesting the Indian embassy to issue you an India visa for business. This letter should be on the company official letterhead, and formally presented. The letter needs to be signed by the inviting body. Note that it is beneficial if there is a short brief stating the nature of business and why the India visa needs to be applied for. Emails are not a valid form of invitation.

2) For the letter of support from the UK employer, this needs to be on officially letter headed paper and signed by a senior in the company, or somebody in the HR department. Note that if you are self employed and applying for the India visa then you can sign it on your own behalf, but stating on the letter that you are the company director. Some beneficial pointers for this letter include that all your expenses will be covered, and a brief description as to the nature of business that the India visa will be required for.

3) Generally the Indian embassy will only issue you with a 6 month business visa. Therefore if you are applying for a 1 year or 2 year business visa, then your letter should state that you will be making multiple business visits to India over that particular duration. Also if you have already had a 6 month India business visa, then because of continuity, the Indian embassy in London are more likely to issue a 1 or 2 year India business visa.

4) Make the form totally legible, ensuring that block capitals are used throughout and black ink is also used throughout. The form can be completed by another member of staff but needs to be signed by the person travelling.

5) If you are attending a conference, then you will require an India conference visa. For this you will need a letter of invitation from the conference organisers as well as the letter of support from the UK employer. If the type of India visa for business purposes you are applying for is for journalist purposes, then you will need to apply for an India Journalist visa, please contact us for more information. If applying for an India employment visa you will require a letter of invitation along with the contract signed by the visa applicant and Indian company.

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