India Jewelry Culture

Indian Jewelry: Traditional And Fashionable

India is famous for many reasons and jewelry of India is definitely one among them. It induces scores of peoples from around the world into getting an India visa just to come to India to buy Indian jewelry. The quality of metal used, the fine finish and the vivid art that speaks through the jewelry pieces cannot be matched. The jewelry tradition in India is as old as 5000 years and Indian women carry jewelry in the most stunning fashion. Jewelry for different parts of a women’s body is popular, including necklace, earrings, anklets, finger rings, nose rings, amulets, maang tikas, kamarbands and many more.

Indian jewelry, as you will discover being an India Visa holder, makes use of many type of precious and semi precious metals, gemstones, beads etc. Off late there is a growing trend of wooden and burnt clay jewelry as well. If you are in possession of an India Visa or an India Tourist Visa then you can comb through different parts of India to get the kind of jewelry that you crave for. If you like to add collectibles then something from the antique jewelry category would be best for you. With a matte finish these pieces are done up in old arts of jewelry making. Antique jewelry is mostly heavy, but as an India Visa holder you can also opt for jewelry made with bead art in mind. Bead art is about five thousand years old and was prevalent even in times of Indus Valley. Colorful strings of beads adorned with junk lockets will serve to give you an effortless funky look.

Silver filigree is another form of jewelry making that India is known for along with Italy, Egypt and Spain. There are families of artisans who have been doing this work for many generations and there craftsmanship is truly worth appraisal. With an India Visa you can visit the small villages and suburbs where they work in their small shops tirelessly to create masterpieces that go on to became a part of prized family heirloom.

Another prized addition to your collection that you can make after getting an India Tourist Visa would be jewelry made form ivory or the elephant’s tusk. It is beautiful and pristine but very rare since elephant hunting is banned these days. Engraved carvings in jewelry also called Jadau are another popular form of Indian jewelry art. Kundan jewelry is also popular if you want to get a royal look about yourself. Rajasthan’s lac bangles are also quite sought after.

If you are in India after being allowed an India Visa or India Tourist Visa you will find that gold is the most popular and prized metal used for jewelry making as it is believed to be auspicious. But the silver range is stunning as well. A growing trend of using rare metals like platinum or cheaper metals like brass can be noticed. For the more daring, there are tribal jewelry made of wood, colorful ropes and artificial plumes.