Best ways to travel India

The Best Ways To Travel During Business In India

India is a land of immense business opportunities, which has seen enormous growth in the last few decades. It is a growing trend amongst foreign locals to get an India Business visa in order come to India with business in mind. You must know by this time that getting to India requires an India Visa as a per-requisite. You require an India Business Visa only when you are going to India on some business purpose. While making application for India Visa make a mention of your purpose and you will be given an India Business Visa if business is your intention for making a trip to India. India is a vast country with different states offering different lucrative details which mean that you need to travel a lot during business tours in India. Remember to carry your India Business Visa always and remember the following tips to choose the most suitable way of travelling in India.

If you are short on time and like comfort over expense then airlines is your best bet while travelling in India for business. They save you a lot of time and effort, are mostly safe than other modes of travel and often available at an economical price. There are budget airlines conducting chartered flights in India which makes air transport a truly affordable affair. Air India is India’s homegrown airline and offers great pocket friendly deals. Other cheap airlines include Jet Airways, Go Air, Indigo etc. As an India Visa holder you will find the airports at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Bengaluru quite world class. The ones at Kolkata, Hyderabad and Goa are lacking behind by few notches.

If you have availed an India Visa for the first time or want to mix business with a bit of pleasure then the picturesque waterways could be your next preference. For a short trip there are motor boats and ferries. The ports maintained in Kochi, Goa and Mumbai are international in stature and handles many passengers every day. If you are keen on spending more time at the sea then choose between Grand Voyage Seychelles or Indian Oceans Eden II for a cruise to India.

As an India Business Visa holder if you want to tap the full potential of different states of the country then travelling in India is a must. Railways or train services is another way of travelling cost effectively. Introduced before a century and half, Indian railways network is the biggest in the world today. Travelling via train also has another appeal, which is the chance of discovering the beauty of the Indian landscape. There are luxurious AC coaches to normal sleeper classes. You can also cut on the hotel bills by taking an overnight sleeper train to your destination.

While travelling in India always remember to keep your India Visa or India Business Visa handy. The other modes of travel you can hire a car or take taxi or auto. The cost being cheap these are great to move around in a city.