India arts

The Elegance Of Indian Art

Indian Art has been around since times immemorial. Starting from third millennium BC to recent times India art has been evolving and growing and is famous all over the world. As a collector of art you should be well informed about the elegance of Indian Art. Many get an India Visa just to collect some art pieces from India, the ornate and sensuous collectibles will talk a lot about your culture and taste. With an India Visa you can visit the places of historical interest and the culture hubs of India where art is free flowing. Indian art is everywhere in India, starting from the jewelry that adorns Indian women to historical monuments. Remember before planning a visit to India; get an India Visa as soon as you can plan. With a valid Passport and identification documents you will be a proud owner of India Visa in no time at all.

Indian art is characterized by a strong and appealing sense of design. Its root is based in the cultural history, philosophies and religions of that place. It has always been strongly patronized by kings and rulers. As a result religious and political influences have enriched Indian art. Indian subcontinent has an old legacy of jewelry making art that dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. The art of India also found expression in form of several architectures that you can witness with an India Visa. The first religion that inspired construction of artistic monuments was Buddhism. They were the first initiators of rock cut caves, which were imitated by the Jains and Hindus. This led to beautiful temples and structures in Aihole, Ellora, Badami, Salsette, Elephanta, Mamallapuram and Aurangabad .With a India Visa in hand you should make it a point not to miss out on any of them. Another form of sculptures can also been in form of bronze statues that were made starting from the Chola period. There are spectacular statues of Shiva in different forms, Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi and other major deities, made of bronze, silver and other precious metals. These forms of statues can be seen in the south Indian temples with an India Visa.

As an enthusiast of Indian art you should also be aware of frescoes that adorn the Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves and Bagh Caves. The instances of fresco could also be seen in the form of fresco paintings of the Chola period in the Brihadisvara Temple can also be seen with an India Visa. Mural paintings Glass paintings are also popular forms of Indian art. If as an India Visa holder you want to see and collect some offbeat art forms from India then tribal art should be your pick. Made in unique free styles with liberal uses of wooden beads, splashes of wild vibrant colors, beads etc, they look extremely attractive. The tribal masks and show pieces, odd little pieces of jewelry can also be good collectible items.