Computer Engineers in India

The Growth of Computer Engineers in India

With the growth of the telecommunications sector, the demand for computer engineers is also getting higher in time.

Software companies offer one of the highest salaries and since India has a rapid developing software industry. Students are starting to opt for Computer Engineering in College for it is also a way to alleviate them from poverty since many companies are in need of them.

There are a number of reasons why there are more and more computer engineers in India.

First is because in Western countries such as the United States, the cost for having a software business is too costly that’s why foreign investors make more businesses in third world countries such as India. Usually, the software companies in the west do outsourcing and this caused the rise in the demand of software and Information Technology related jobs.

Second, there are visa limitations when you decide to work as a software engineer in the US. For instance, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle are having problems in hiring more professionals outside the country to work in offices within the country since there are restrictions in getting work permits or visas. Therefore, it is advantageous to just start a business in India since an Indian Visa is easier to apply for compared to developed countries.

Third, there are a number of computer engineers in India who are very trustworthy in terms of productivity. Since there are a limited number of computer or software engineers in western countries, Indian computer engineers are needed to fill the job spots.

Fourth, job placement is assured to college graduates of computer engineering. Wipro, Infosys and Satyam are companies which hire good students and can offer the highest salaries even more than that of a government official already working for 30 years.

Lastly, a computer engineer may transfer to another software company if he or she has already worked for two years. This may provide him or her higher salary and more benefits.

With all these facts, we can see how IT has grown in India in terms of the bang of computer engineers. Now, we can also see that our software industry may work well in India. The next thing to do is to get an Indian Visa.

It is easy to get an India Visa or Indian Visa. You just need your passport valid for at least six months with 2 blank pages for visa, two identical passport sized photos taken within the last six months and without glasses, your proof of travel to India or travel itinerary, copy of residency, filled up Indian Visa Application Form and an Indian Visa payment.

Keep in mind that you have to fill the Indian Visa Application completely. Don’t leave blanks or spaces because your form might not be accepted. You can download the Indian Visa Application Form in the internet.

Apply for an Indian Business Visa since you are going there for a business concern. There are other types of Indian visas like the tourist, student and work Indian Visas so don’t forget to indicate your choice. The additional requirement for an Indian Business Visa is a cover letter from your company.