Wildlife of India

Tips for a Successful Wildlife Safari in National Parks in India

India with its extensive forestry is home to many beautiful wildlife parks that will thrill you. To be at one of them you will first need to know about the background of the best ones and then make a choice. But before we proceed on enlightening you in that regard it is necessary to brief you about the India Visa requirements. Remember that India is very tight regarding this and every foreigner needs an India Visa to come to India. If you are heading to India for only tourism purposes then getting an India Tourist Visa is the wisest choice. The validity of Indian Tourist Visa extends up to six months.

One of the biggest national parks of India is the Jim Corbett National park. Located in the shiwalik area, or the Himalayan foothills it draws footfalls from around the world for the sheer adrenaline rush that these forests can trigger off in a person, along with the other worldly natural beauty and great variety of wildlife. A part of the Project Tiger, it also boasts of sloth bears, dhole jackals and yellow throated Martems. The avifauna is fascinating too as you can get to see snipes, graylags and rare barheaded goose. As an India Tourist Visa holder you can indulge in hiking or elephant riding to explore this place fully.

The next choice of a wildlife park for an India Visa holder would be the Kaziranga National park. It is important because of its one-horned rhino population, the only survivor of pre-historic era, which is quite rare. The river Dhiplu flows nearby the 688 sq km national park. Animals like buffalo, tiger, swamp and hog deer, hoolock gibbons and wild boars are common. The other exotic wildlife species of kaziranga includes the monitor lizard, fishing eagle, grey headed fishing eagle, crested serpent eagle and rock python.

As an India Tourist Visa holder you should also know about India’s oldest national park, the Periyar National park. The wildlife here is viewed from boats which meander peacefully through the lakes so as to cause minimum disturbance to the animals. Bird watching is also an option with the availability of beautiful rare birds like racket tailed Drongoes, kingfishers, hornbills and cormorants. The cherry on the cake is the cardamom hill that flanks Periyar. It is a real treat to your senses that will remain with you very long. With India Visa in hand you can wish to come here time and again.

The largest of wildlife parks in Karnataka is the Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary. Located in Madhya Pradesh is the Kanha National Park. Tourists with an India Visa can go to the wildlife museum or libraries built here or indulge in other adventurous activities. The Ranthambore National park is a special one where you can find ancient ruins among the forest that heightens the thrill that usually is brought about by visiting a wildlife park. But before you plan for any of these parks make sure to get an India Visa in time.