Russian Visa Rules Relaxed for Champions League Final

In a revolutionary move, the Russian embassy have relaxed their Russia visa red tape strict rules for visitors attending the Champions league final in Moscow this year.

In what will be a massive event in decades for Moscow with an estimated 50,000 English fans visiting the city, fans with a valid match ticket will not require a Russian visa. The replacement procedure for otherwise obtaining a Russia visa will be basically for those attending the match, the name on the match ticket must match the name on the passport. If these two correlate, then the fan will not require the Russian visa. This rule will only be in place for 72 hours over the duration of the Champions league final, and does not apply to those that do not have a match ticket.

As visa specialists, we at Rapid visas hope that both the Indian Embassy relax their rules on those requiring India visas for sporting events such as the India Cricket premier league and the upcoming Commonwealth games in 2012 where thousands of people visiting India will require an India visa.

Also we do not predict such a change from the Chinese embassy when issuing Chinese visas and China visas for the Olympic games in Beijing which are now less then 100 days away. All visitors attending the games must have a China visa, and this can only be attained if a flight confirmation and hotel booking is shown. It is thought these are required because it will control the number of people entering and hence leaving a balance between those entering and those with accommodation.

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