Nigeria Business Visa
Country: Nigeria Visa Type: Business

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Nigeria Business Visa

The documentation requirement and processing instructions:

Please read the requirements as below and ensure you start gathering these to start your application. All items are also listed in our application pack that can be emailed directly to you.

PROCESSING TIME Nigeria Visa Processing Time

3 Days Service
7 Days Service


Single Entry 3 Days Visa Fee - £183.75 + VAT
Single Entry 7 Days Visa Fee - £83.75 + VAT
Multiple Entry 3 Days Visa Fee - £183.75 + VAT
Multiple Entry 7 Days Visa Fee - £83.75 + VAT

HANDLING FEES Nigeria Visa Handling Fees

7 Days Service - £150.00 + VAT

EXPRESS OPTIONS Nigeria Visa Delivery in UK

Single Entry 3 Days Service - £180.00 + VAT (additional to standard fee and embassy fees)
Multiple Entry 3 Days Fee - 180 + VAT (additional to standard fee and embassy fees)

REQUIREMENTS Nigeria Visa Document Requirements

1. Passport which must be valid for at least 6 months.
2. Nigeria Visa Application form – See Instructions below
3. Completed Rapid Visa order form
4. Two recent passport-type photos
5. A invite letter from an company in Nigeria. This must be address to the Nigeria Visa Section in London. .
6. A UK company support letter which states the Nigerian business visa applicants job title in the company. Please ensure the letter clearly states the purposes of the visit is business.

Once you have completed all the application forms and compiled all the requirements, please finalise your Visa Order by completing our quick and secure online visa order form. This allows you to select your visa type, service type, return instructions, make payment and generate an application reference number.

VISA VALIDITY Nigeria Visa Validity

As per the visa

Why Use Rapid Visas to obtain your Nigeria Business Visa

  • Guaranteed submission without appointment on next day service
  • Free consultancy, prechecking and guidance throughout the process.
  • 24 hour service by post via our company, with guaranteed submission
  • Over 20,000 cases processed annually assisting some of the largest companies in the UK

Nigeria Business Visa Fees

The final price is calculated including postage, VAT, service, passport fees at the end of the online order form where you are able to make payment via our secure online payment cart. After this you will have an automated invoice and order form emailed to you directly.

Nigeria Embassy Visa Fees:

Single Entry 3 Days Visa Fee - £183.75 + VAT

Single Entry 7 Days Visa Fee - £83.75 + VAT

Multiple Entry 3 Days Visa Fee - £183.75 + VAT

Multiple Entry 7 Days Visa Fee - £83.75 + VAT

Service Fees:

  • 7 Days Fees - £150.00 + VAT
  • 3 Days Fees - £180 + VAT

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