Russian Visa Service Now Available From Rapid Visas

Rapid Visas is proud to introduce an additional visa service to our portfolio. Following on from Rapids visas exceptional customer service providing India visas and China visas on a high frequency within short time frames, we now offer the services of Russian visa as seen on our site page: Russia Visas »

We offer this exceptional service for those applying on a tourist and business visa. The process is straight forward, and the steps are all mentioned on our Russia visa page on our website.

1) This process includes completing a rapid visa order form as per the stage 1, the form can be found at Rapid Visas Order Form.

2) Following the completion of the Rapid Visa order form, you can enter stage 2 where you can click the link which opens a new page. This is a page from the Russian embassy in London. Once on this page, you need to click the “tourist visa” tab and then several drop downs shall appear. Follow the drop downs entering your Russia visa selection. This will then take you to an electronic application form which you need to complete. Once completed and the submit button is pressed, you will be able to print out this form. This electronic form can be found at

3) You are then requested to send this form along with a passport size photograph, your passport to us at our address. You will also require a letter of invitation from the tour company in Russia, along with a tourist voucher. If you do not have these, then we can issue one of these for you.

If you have any questions as to the Russia visa processes or have any feedback or information from the Embassy, then please feel free to write a comment.