Champions League

Russian Visas for the Champions League Final

With the UEFA Champions League taking place in Moscow this year, flights and travel have increased substantially to Moscow, and so has the demand for obtaining Russia visas. The champion’s league final is on May 21st this year, so if you are intending to go, then ensure your Russian visa is read for your entry. Please follow the guidelines to ensure that you take the correct steps to ensure you can obtain your Russia visa via rapid visas.

  1. Complete the rapid visa order form which is downloadable from our website.
  2. Following our link on the page Russia visa where you can get this form and all prices from
  3. On our stage 2, click the link which will take you to another page to the Russia visa embassy page. Here go to tourist visa option and click on this link. Follow the instructions to enter your details in electronically. The link is
  4. Once you have completed both forms and printed and signed, then you can send these form by special delivery to our address at Seymour house, and we will return your passport with Russia visa in 10 working days.

Notes to mention, is that you will require a Russia visa tourist voucher. If you do not have one of these already, then you can acquire one through our services. Otherwise if you have made a booking through a Russian travel agency, they may be authorised to also issue one as well for your Russia visa.

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