Joint families of India

Living In Joint Families: A Prominent Part Of Indian Culture

Indian family culture and values are very strong, even in the face of immense westernization. The root behind this success is India’s Joint Family structure that is prevalent even now. As an Indian Visa holder of you have ever stayed in a household that has a joint family system you will understand the pleasures of living in one. It is a system that helps to keep the family feeling intact and imbibes the feeling of solidarity between members of a family. If you are someone who is interested in Indian culture then the best way to understand it is get a India Visa, go to India and try to understand the several benefits that India’s joint family has in keeping the Indian society as it is today.

The first question that may come to your mind before getting an India Visa would be what exactly is a Joint Family System? It is a system where the members of extended family lives together like one’s parents, one’s children along with their spouses and children, all live together. There are many members staying together, and one does not move apart unless there is a job related transfer etc. The family’s rules and decisions are taken by the family’s eldest member, usually. There is a sense of discipline as the members are supposed to abide by the common protocols like having food together, returning to home within a fixed time etc. This ensures discipline among the younger members. Besides that everyone also have their fixed duty that they must comply with. This makes sure that there is harmony between the members and everyone does their duty obligingly.

The system mentioned above is traditional system. However, modern society is more adjusting and job prospects have taken people away from their families.

Researchers have shown that India’s joint family system makes sure they are happy and successful. They help them to be rooted and understand the importance of having a satisfied family. Children living in a Joint family do not easily drift away from their parents. There are fewer joint families nowadays than it used to be earlier, but the system still exists in its former glory.

Getting an India Visa would be the first step towards your understanding of the joint family system. This is because until and unless you study a joint family closely, it is difficult to understand the beauty of India’s Joint Family System. Little customs like touching the feet of elders before leaving for the day and paying heed to the advice of the head of the family, the sense of coordination and the way everyone participates in completing the daily chores. So apply for an India Visa, as without an India Visa you will not be permitted entry into India. With a valid passport getting an India Visa will not be much of a problem. Off course you will need some identification documents as well.

So get an India Visa today and visit India to understand what makes the family ties of Indians so strong.