Track UK Visa Application

Clients may track their visa application by entering in their passport number and entry code provided to them during application:

Please Note that this service will ONLY function for applicants that have applied using the services of Rapid Visas. If you have applied via the Indian embassy or another visa agency, then please contact them directly.

* Fields are mandatory

After submission you shall receive an email from our automatic tracking system informing you of the current status of your visa application.

If you have used our services to obtain your India or China visa, then you can check your application status using our application tracker. As an experienced provider we have learned that continual monitoring of your Indian or China visa application throughout is very important. Therefore once you have made your India visa application or China visa application, then you can use our system to monitor the progress. Please note that this application tracker is ONLY for applicants that have used our services to obtain their India visa or China visa. If you haven't used our service, then the system will not track your visa application.

For applicants that have not used our services to obtain their India or China visa, they can contact VFS application centre in London or the China centre in London, and their consultants will be able to assist you with their own tracking methods. As an agency based in London, our own consultants are on hand to give relevant advice to our clients and the exact tracking of their visa. The other alternative to get an update if you have used our services for your India or China documents is that you can call our offices and speak to one of our consultants regarding a full update. This will ensure you can rest comfortable and confidently that your documents are being processed at the respective embassy in London.

You can also track your visa status by phoning us on 0845 224 9482 or using our contact form.

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